What to insure your home for

Your home is probably your biggest financial asset so you should protect it. It can also be your biggest liability if something goes wrong and repairs have to be made. We'll tell you what to insure your home for so you're adequately covered without wasting money by over insuring yourself.

Home contents insurance

The best and most sensible way to cover your home and its property is to get the value of the items you're insuring correct. Under insuring your precious possessions will leave you with bills to pay when you want to replace them. Be careful though not to over insure because you'll be paying an unnecessarily high premium. Go around every room in the home, including the garage, and have a good look at your stuff. Once you've made an assessment of their worth, use this figure as the minimum insurance valuation.

Building insurance

Working out what to insure your home for is difficult when you're dealing with both home and contents insurance. With contents insurance, you'll have an idea of what you paid for an item and what it's worth now, but pricing the cost of repair is very difficult unless you're a builder. Often insurers and customers debate the real costs attached to the repair so it's important to get it right.


The Building Cost Information Service (BCIS), who are commissioned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to provide guidance for the rebuilding costs of properties, are used by a lot of surveyors to provide cost advice so getting a surveyor's opinion will give you the most accurate assessment of your property.

Final word

You can also check out calculator.bcis.co.uk/#calculation for a general idea of rebuilding costs for your property. Whether you use a surveyor or get advice from the BCIS's website, once you know what to insure your home for, check out the best deals on comparison sites like comparethemarket.com.

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