What insurance group is my car and how to they work?

If you're asking "what insurance group is my car?" then you're in the market for car insurance. You may also be in the market for a new car. If you're interested in a range of different cars, understanding how insurance groups work will help you compare them against each other.

Insurance premiums

Before you buy a car you should always do some research on its running costs so you can assess whether you’ll be able to afford it. Working out how much the vehicle will cost to have serviced is difficult but there is enough information out there about most cars to make a pretty accurate assessment. That’s also the case when it comes to the cost of fuel, but the same can’t be said about insurance.

Legal obligation

Car insurance isn’t something you can decide to take out or not, it’s a legal obligation. The only choices you have are whether to go third party or fully comprehensive and who to take your insurance out with. Even if you decide these things before you buy your next car, you won’t be able to get an accurate idea of the insurance cost because personal factors like your age, driving experience and no claims discount amount come into play. Seemingly inconsequential things like whether you park on or off road and whether you’ll use the car for business miles or just for commuting, also play their part.

Buying a car

Having asked yourself: "What insurance group is my car?" and after working out the other running costs, you should be in a better position to assess the cars you're interested in buying.

Car insurance groups

Several factors are used to determine a car’s insurance group including its price when new and its performance. The car’s repair costs, including the availability and price of its body shell and the cost of replacement parts, are also a factor. If you’re asking: what insurance group is my car? the best place to check out for a list of cars and their groups is parkers.co.uk.

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