Planning ahead with wedding insurance abroad

Next to purchasing your home and cars, weddings are the next most costly expense for many folks. So how do you protect this investment? The growing trend in the UK seems to be wedding insurance abroad cover. You already insure your home and car, so why not insure the biggest day of your life, your wedding. Learn about wedding insurance and see if it works for you.

Wedding insurance abroad

Wedding insurance abroad is available through your insurance agent, and you can design it to protect the financial investments of your wedding. Policies may vary, but most basic policies cover things like sudden cancellations, damaged wedding gowns, assorted non-refundable deposits and even wedding reception hall deposits.

Wedding cover

Wedding insurance policies may cover injuries and sickness. Wedding insurance abroad is usually available when the bride and groom or essential guests become ill at the last moment. Cover is also available for military personnel called to active duty at the last moment causing a wedding postponement.

Wedding insurance also covers things like wedding cars, suppliers who fail to deliver, flowers, caterers, photographers and DJs. Having to postpone a wedding is bad enough, but losing deposits makes it even worse when you have no wedding insurance.

Cover wedding risks

Just imagine if someone in your wedding party were to take ill right before the wedding and you had to cancel. You could be out huge sums of money for flower arrangements, caterers, photographer deposits and limousine deposits.

Do not take risks with your wedding. Insure your big event and avoid last-minute financial surprises. Consider purchasing wedding insurance abroad for your wedding so you do not lose valuable deposits.

Protecting your wedding

In most cases, you have already put down wedding deposits for the venue, photographers, caterers and honeymoon travel. Many of these businesses will not refund a deposit. Last minute changes and other considerations may force the cancellation of your wedding, but you do not have to be the loser. Cover your risks and save deposits with wedding insurance abroad.

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