Getting usage based car insurance quotes online

If you’re getting fed up with increased car insurance premiums and you’re a safe driver, you could save money by switching to a pay as you drive insurance policy. Getting usage based car insurance quotes online isn’t difficult now as this type of insurance is more commonplace than ever before.

Benefits of pay as you drive

Most insurance policies are determined using a list of generalisations based around age, sex, location and experience. With car insurance the type of car being insured and the driver’s claim history is also taken into consideration. All of these criteria consider the driver’s past and none consider the policy holder’s driving habits which are only reflected by the no-claims bonus. This type of insurance could save a lot of money for a first time driver but it can also lead to savings for experienced motorists, particularly those who cover a lot of miles.

Comparison websites

A 2012 survey by gocompare.com revealed that 57% of drivers would switch to a usage based car insurance policy by 2017. Comparison sites like gocompare.com and comparethemarket.com are the best places to get usage based car insurance quotes quickly and without obligation. They are the best way of seeing what’s out there at the moment and can show you how much you would save over a conventional car insurance policy.

Direct with insurer

Insurers like directline.com offer their best deals when you contact them directly, so you should also take the time to get quotes direct with insurers. Buying online often gives you a discount that’s not available on the phone and cutting out a broker can also save you money on your car insurance policy.

Final word

This type of insurance is only applicable to those who drive safely and considerately on the roads. If you don’t obey the laws of the road pay as you drive could cost you more than conventional insurance. Whether you go direct to the insurer, buy through a broker or purchase through a comparison website, getting usage based car insurance quotes could lead to a cheaper car insurance policy.

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