The benefits of uninsured loss recovery

Most people assume just because they have auto cover that all associated costs are naturally taken care of in an accident. Who pays for long distance phone calls, clothing damage, car hire and miscellaneous expenses when a third-party is found at fault in an auto claim? Learn why you may be interested in considering an additional insurance product called ULR (uninsured loss recovery).

What is ULR?

You can purchase an extra policy for your automobile called uninsured loss recovery. This extra policy provides cover as a result of an accident when a third-party causes the accident. The policy holder who has ULR cover tries to get back expenses occurring as a result of an accident that are not covered under the main policy. Most of these types of expenses are covered in the ULR policy and the policy holder is reimbursed after an insurance investigation.

Covered Expenses

Study the fine print associated with any uninsured loss recovery policy to make sure you understand exactly what expenses may be covered in the event of an accident with a third-party. Most ULR policies cover car hire for replacement cars during the repair of your car. This is usually one of the most costly expenses incurred after an accident. Repairs often take much longer than anticipated and can be quite costly. Therefore, the cost of this additional policy may pay for itself in recouping just the car hire costs besides other minor expenses.

Other expenses that may be covered under ULR include phone calls, public transport, clothes damages and any excess policy charges incurred on your policy as a result of the accident.


Knowing that you have an uninsured loss recovery policy can give you the piece of mind that your car hire expenses will be taken care of regardless of who is at fault. If it should be necessary to go to court a ULR policy normally covers trial defence costs as well as car hire and other miscellaneous charges as a result of an accident by a third party.

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