Travel insurance for the over-70

While everyone loves to get away on holiday, there are certain pitfalls associated with travel. The older we get, the question of obtaining medical cover becomes something that has to be considered carefully. But people are living longer, so travel insurance over 70 is coming up with increasingly attractive offers the more senior traveller.

Background to over 70s travel insurance

It’s only natural that people over 70 don’t necessarily like to settle into a stereotyped lifestyle of comfortable slippers, a couch and a television set. As people continue to live much longer after their initial retirement age than ever before, over 70s can enjoy active lives, including travelling to interesting countries, or embarking on ocean cruises. There are still issues with obtaining travel insurance of 70. Indeed, many insurance companies cite that up to 50% of queries received relate to travel insurance over 70, especially for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition.

Insurance companies are moving with the times, recognising that the over 70s travel market represent an area where people have a lot of disposable income, as well as health which is just as good as many much younger tourists. This is reflected in the competitive nature of the policies on offer.

Rather than taking over 70s as a single demographic, insurers tend to work out pricing according to various age bands within that group. Many medical conditions do not affect anyone’s ability to travel. In addition to the competitive rates, multiple insurance is also made available for over 70s visiting foreign countries as a group of friends, or a travel club.

What conditions should be declared

It is important to be entirely honest about any medical condition. As you complete forms relating to travel insurance over 70, you may well be asked about cholesterol levels, or any medication you are on. Not admitting to these may affect any subsequent claim. As these may not necessarily affect you premium, full disclosure is best.

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