5 travel insurance money saving tips

With an increasing number of providers offering a flexible range of travel insurance policies, finding cover for a city-break or a long-haul holiday can usually be achieved with a few clicks of the mouse. Some basic travel insurance money saving tips can help you find the best deals for your holiday.

5 ways to save

  1. One of the most basic travel insurance money saving tips is to only buy the cover you need. It's surprising how often people buy worldwide insurance policies when they only ever go on European city-breaks or Spanish beach holidays. Narrow down your policy to cover what you need and no more.
  2. Use comparison sites, but don't neglect the fine details. Make sure you are comparing policies closely rather than opting for the lowest premium. Pay close attention to excess charges for lost luggage, and the sums covered for medical expenses.
  3. Do the maths to see if an annual policy would save you money. As a rule of thumb, if you take more than three trips a year, annual travel insurance is usually an economical option.
  4. A family policy is not always necessary. In many cases, especially for UK or European holidays, a travel insurance policy for two adults will automatically include coverage for children.
  5. Over-50s and over-60s will need to shop around a little more carefully for their travel insurance. Money saving tips for pensioners include looking for providers who specialise in this age-group and who have an understanding of the type of coverage required. Although premiums are higher, they should not be alarmingly so.

Are you covered already?

One of the travel insurance money saving tips that might be overlooked is to check whether you need to buy a policy. Many premium bank accounts and credit cards now have travel insurance included as standard. If this is the case, check the level of coverage. You might need to add extra cover for skiing or diving, or long-haul destinations.

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