Travel Insurance for Seniors

It is never too late to travel and take those dream vacations that you have been saving up for. But it is important to look into different travel insurance that is available and see what they cover.

There tends to be strict terms and conditions for those that are looking for travel insurance for seniors, usually meaning anyone over the age of 65.


If you are looking into finding travel insurance for seniors, there are options as to what type you may get. Most companies will offer single or annual mutiple trip policies. The price will also differ if you are travling independently or on a package trip.

The basic policies will cover travel delays, lost passports, 24 hour emergency assistant, and cancellations.


Most insurance companies define a senior as anyone over the age of 65. There are some as well that will only cover people up to 85 and the prices for people that fall in between those ages will vary. As expected, as ones age rises so does their insurance price.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Most all insurance companies will ask about any pre-existing medical conditions and it is important to be declare them if you have any. While some might cover a limited number of medical conditions, others might require a medical screening and will then offer coverage options that would suite your situation.

It is worth noting that it tends to be extremely difficult to find coverage if you suffer from any heart conditions or are terminally ill.

Starting List

Here are a few Insurance companies you can start looking into and comparing prices.

  • Age UK (merging of Age Concern UK and Help the Aged)
  • All Clear Insurance
  • EHICPlus
  • Global Travel Insurance
  • World First Travel Insurance- 14 day money back guarantee on policies

Call Around

When looking for travel insurance for seniors, have a list of set questions before inquiring so it can help you compare prices. Also if you are travelling with any companions, make sure that they are covered as well. Once you find a few that seem like potential policies, make sure to read the fine print and see what they might exclude or if there are any hidden fees. Most importantly though, make the most out of your trip!

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