Trade Credit Insurance Brokers

If you are in business and are looking to protect your company against any losses incurred from high credit risks such as bankrupcy incolvency or defaulting, then it is in your interests to get some Trade Credit Insurance. We suggest two Trade Credit Insurance brokers in the UK and help you avoid losing out in these circumstances.

Two Options in the UK

Having Trade Credit Insurance in place can be vital to the future of your business. There are a number of companies offering protection in the UK so lets discuss two of them.

HCC offer Trade Credit Insurance to UK companies and they offer comprehensive cover to firms of all sizes. Rated AA by Standard and Poor's, HCC are in a position to underwrite credit trades on a worldwide basis. There are plenty of statistics on the HCC site which make it crystal clear how vulnerable every company is to things like insolvency, protracted payment delays and liquidation. Visit the HCC website at www.hcc.com to find out more about their Trade Credit Insurance.

Coface Uk offer a range of Trade Credit Insurance to cover you against the risk of non-payment that comes with the territory of trading on credit. Coface have three main categories of Trade Credit Insurance. The first category covers small to medium sized businesses with an annual turnover of up to £10 million. The second category is aimed at large companies with turnover between £10 million and £100 million per annum. The final category is tailored for large multinational companies. If you have any queries or concerns around purchasing Trade Credit Insurance the you can contact an advisor directly through www.cofaceuk.com.

Protect Yourself at all Costs

By having trade credit insurance in place at your firm, you can ensure the company will be protected against the common occurance of buyer insolvency and any defaulting on outstanding payments. A policy with regular assessment of buyer risks can act as a screening tool for any possible trouble down the line so you only do business with less risky partners.

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