5 top medical insurers in the UK

Private medical insurance continues to grow in popularity in the UK for a number of reasons. It eliminates the growing problem of queuing to get treatment that is witnessed in National Health Services (NHS) hospitals. It also offers peace of mind knowing that you will get quick medical attention should you need it. The top medical insurers in the UK excel in not only providing the most comprehensive, affordable covers, but also guarantee the best of personalised medical care fast.

Best private medical insurers UK

Among the top medical insurers in UK that guarantee the best of personalised medical cover include:

1. Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa Health is one of the oldest and most trusted insurer in the UK. It used to be the only player in the health care insurance industry for years. The insurance company offers different levels of cover to cater for the needs and priorities of diverse policy takers. Get adaptable covers starting from 98p a day with two months free cover as well as more comprehensive policies with this respected insurer.

2. National Friendly Healthcare

National Friendly Health care has provided healthcare cover for its members for over 140 years. In October 2009, the mutual was awarded the Best Private Medical Insurance Provider award in the UK. Get comprehensive medical cover starting from £20 a month per child and £40 a month per adult as well as outstanding service and care with National Friendly.

3. Medicash

Medicash is yet another long serving insurer with vast experience in health care provision. The insurer has catered for UK patrons for 140 years, funding local hospitals in Victorian times and providing corporate insurance packages in the 21st Century. Take advantage of Medicash Active Personal Health Cash Plan for as little as £1.50 per week.

4. MediCare International

MediCare International specialises in expatriate insurance. The company has over 20 years experience, offering international healthcare cover to expatriates for different nationalities across the world. Get comprehensive cover from as little as £12.98 for adults, choose the hospitals you want to be treated at and enjoy some of the best terms for group and private client covers with MediCare.

5. Helpucover Health Insurance

Helpucover offers some of the most competitive medical covers available with 100% refund on annual dental and optical bills of up to £170. Also, get an annual consultation fees cover of up to £400, annual complementary medicine cover of up to £200 and annual hospital care benefits of up to £840 at Helpucover.

Bottom line

While there are many insurers providers in the UK who provide outstanding service, the insurers in this list have provided top of the range policies for years and established a formidable track record. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to explore all your insurance options, including considering smaller companies, to ensure you get the insurer that best fits your needs. You, however, cannot go far wrong with any one of the top medical insurers in this list.

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