The best Health Insurance in Ireland

Many people make the mistake of thinking Bank of Ireland offers health insurance to its customers. It's easy to understand why they might think Bank of Ireland provides health insurance when you consider the array of financial products and services that they do offer.

There are a number of insurance companies that provide health insurance in Ireland. Aviva, VHI, Quinn Insurance and BUPA are the major players in the health insurance industry here. They all offer various levels of cover for when accidents and illnesses occur.

When you're buying health insurance there are a number of things to look out for. Policies that include cover for private accommodation in public hospitals doesn't always mean that you're guaranteed swift access to treatment. It's a good idea that your policy includes some level of cover for private hospitals to ensure you get the treatment you need in the event of serious health problems.

If you do need to go into hospital, it's much better if you can get a hospital that is local to you. Make sure that hospitals in your area are included on the policy and that excesses aren't applied to the accommodation.

Some policies place restrictions on vital treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These treatments are very expensive and account for over 60 per cent of all health insurance claims. It's highly recommended that you choose a policy that provides for full cover for any these type of treatments.

And if you're buying health insurance for the whole family, it's a good idea to tailor each policy to the needs of each family member.


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