Bag a Bargain with Tesco phone insurance

Your phone is one of the most important things that you have these days. There are lots of ways in which you can lose it or damage it. If you want to take some proactive measures against something happening, Tesco phone insurance is an affordable way of covering your handset.

What is Covered with Tesco Phone Insurance

Tesco provide a nice little range of mobile phones ranging from very basic to decent smartphones. Tesco also carry the iPhone on a bill pay package. When you purchase your phone from Tesco you will also have the option of adding Tesco phone insurance to the package and you will be covered in case of theft or loss. You will also be covered in case of damage including malicous damage from another party, accidental damage from dropping your phone or water and liquid damage just in case you accidentally drop your phone into your pint or down the toilet.

Tesco phone Insurance can be priceless in the event that somehting happens your phone. Once the issue with your phone has been shown to be covered by your insurance policy, Tesco will provide you with the same make and model phone within 24 hours. Within a 12 month insurance policy timeframe you can claim up to two times. A number of features available to smartphone users include the ability to locate your missing phone or to activate an alarm on the phone in the event that somebody else gets their hands on it.

Tesco's prices on phone insurance are very competitive. If you have a basic phone you can insure it for as little as £4 a month with a £25 excess fee. Insuring a decent level smartphone costs around £8 per month with a £75 excess fee and insuring an iPhone costs just £12 per month with a £85 excess fee.

As Easy as Checking Out

Drop into your local Tesco to get an idea of the range of phones they have. Once you have picked a phone then getting your Tesco phone insurance can be done at the checkout. You can also cancel your policy at any time and you will only be required to pay up until the end of that month.

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