Temporary Car Insurance Explained

Most car insurance policies run for 12 months. This is fine for anyone who owns a car and is intending to use it longer than a year, but if you're borrowing a car, or intend to keep a car for less than a full 12 month term, you might save money with temporary car insurance instead.

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance is a style of insurance that covers you anywhere from 1 day to a month. By using temporary car insurance for a vehicle you won't be using for a full year, you'll only have to pay for the days you need it.

If you use a car for a prolonged period of time but not quitea year, it may seem beneficial to just buy a 12 month insurance policy and forget the hassle of setting up a new possibly every month. However, temporary car insurance providers can be quite flexible, allowing you to choose the days you insure you car and easily pick up your policy again if you need it.

Who is temporary car insurance available to?

Most insurers will only provide cover for 18 to 75 year-old drivers, and this is the same case for temporary car insurance. If you have a poor claims history, points on your license or convictions, you may struggle to find temporary car insurance. Usually, the cost the insurance policy will be higher if you are under 21.

Temporary Cover for Trips

If you need temporary car insurance for a trip outside the UK and are planning on taking your car, speak to your current insurance provider about temporary cover rather than going to another provider. Your current provider may be available to provide better information suited to your needs - but don't be afraid to shop around if you're not happy with the deal you get.

Who provides temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance is actually provided by most of the UK's big insurers. Aviva, the AA and Swinton all provide temporary insurance, whereas companies like Insure Daily and Temp Cover specialise in temporary car insurance. You can usually apply online for insurance and, in instances where you only need cover for one day, be covered instantly after your application is accepted.

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