Cutting costs for teenage car insurance

For those of you with young teenagers, you may be in for a huge surprise when you go to get auto insurance. Teenage car insurance is enormously expensive these days. Yet of course, all teenagers are anxious to get behind the wheel. You can use these tips for saving money on insurance while making your teenagers very happy.

Driver training

Seriously consider driver training for your teenagers. You are bound to feel better about them driving after they have completed the course. Your insurance company will most likely offer a nice discount on teenage car insurance.


Although it is difficult to hold back enthusiastic teenagers that are so excited about driving try to postpone the inevitable. Young males in particular are expensive to insure. Stalling your teenage until he turns 18 does offer some savings. However, the most significant savings occur at 21 years of age.

Shopping for insurance

Most adults have access to a wealth of information on the Internet these days. Use the Internet to get insurance quotes. There can be big differences in premium costs between insurers. Shopping online is worth the time.

Car choices

Note that the type and model of car your teenager drives has a direct effect on teenage rates for insurance. Choosing cars with more protection helps and those that are inexpensive to repair may make a difference in rates. Avoid putting young people in sports cars, which only increases rates.


Consider adding a parent to the policy of your teen. In many cases this may save you as much as £1,000. Curfew Restricting teen driving hours from 11pm to 5am may save 40% on the policy.

Non Standard Approach

Another great method for saving on teenage car insurance is to purchase policies based on miles driven yearly. Young people can have a clear box mounted in their car to measure mileage. The box reports the mileage back to the insurer and young drivers may substantially reduce insurance cover. With a little effort, you can reduce insurance costs.

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