Royal Sun Alliance Pet Insurance products

"More Th>n" describes itself as a modern, forward thinking brand backed with the expertise of Royal Sun Alliance. Various pet insurance products are offered by the company, including cat insurance, dog insurance and a combination policy.

Coverage - "More Th>n" Royal Sun Alliance pet insurance features up to £7,000 in coverage for each disease or condition. The policy provides up to £600 in kennel fees, £600 for a reward and another £600 for advertising if your pet is lost. For personal or property liability, the policy will pay up to a maximum of £2 million.

Vetfone - In this feature, exclusive to Royal Sun Alliance pet insurance holders, owners can seek advice from a fully qualified vet at any time of day or night. The service is completely free and there is no limit to the number of times you can call. The vetfone line even provides advice about the other animals in your home, regardless of whether they are covered by the policy.

Customer Service - Quotes can be obtained online at the "More Th>n" Royal Sun Alliance pet insurance website. If you call by phone and speak to an agent, the company will assign you the same agent every time you call. You can even contact your personal customer service manager by email.

More4me - Customers with existing Royal Sun Alliance pet insurance policies are eligible to participate in the "More4me" offers, discounts and rewards program. Customers receive discounts on hotel chains, save up to 20 percent on their next MOT and discounts on family fun activities and days out. Pet owners may be most interested in the lower-cost opportunities for pet care offered through the program.


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