What should a typical rabbit insurance policy cover?

For many rabbit owners, buying rabbit insurance doesn't usually cross their minds. They presume that, as a small animal, vet fees for any illness or accident will be cheap. When it's not, they're quite surprised.

That's why, as a responsible rabbit owner, it's a good idea to take out some kind of insurance. Then, when your rabbit gets sick or injures himself, you don't even have to think about putting off a visit to the vet.

What should a rabbit insurance policy cover?

Most insurance companies offering rabbit insurance have various levels of coverage, depending on your needs. It's entirely up to you the type of coverage you choose, but make sure you choose a policy that covers these things.

Veterinary fees - For most rabbit owners, vet fees are the biggest expense over the lifetime of a rabbit. A simple illness or a broken leg can set you back hundreds of pounds. That's why any rabbit insurance coverage you choose should include at least £2,000 of coverage for vet care every year.

Dental care - Having good teeth is paramount to a rabbit's health. Without strong teeth, a rabbit can't chew it's food correctly and, over time, can become ill and even die. Make sure on any insurance policy you include coverage for a few hundred pounds of dental care every year. Flopsy will thank you, that's for sure.

Advertising and reward - One thing you probably never think of when you own a rabbit is, someday, he may just disappear. He burrows through a hole in the fence, gets grabbed by a neighbour's child, or any other awful thing. If that does happen, a good insurance policy should give you enough coverage to advertise for his safe return, and even to offer a reward to the kind person that brings him back. Most policies include at least £200 for such an eventuality.

Boarding costs -If you are taken ill and hospitalised, who takes care of Flopsy? Luckily you can get coverage for the cost of boarding fees while you're in hospital - usually up to £250.

Additional rabbit coverage - complementary treatment

Some rabbit insurance policies also cover something called 'complementary treatment'. What that means is, if your bunny's illness or injury could benefit from something like herbal medicine or hydrotherapy, your policy will cover it. Up to £750-1,000 anyway.

While some pet owners may think it's one of those New Age things a normal rabbit doesn't need, that's actually not true. Some illnesses and injury only respond to complementary therapies so, if at all possible, have it included in your coverage.

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