Let's take a closer look at Quinn Insurance Ireland

As one of the largest financial institutions in Ireland, Quinn Direct are perfectly positioned to deliver a wide variety of financial products. They have been in the news recently after getting caught up in Ireland's banking crisis. However, the company has emerged from under a cloud, and is now in steady hands, and very much open for business.

Quinn Insurance specialise in every type of Insurance you could possibly need. Since their establishment in 1996, Quinn Direct has become the fastest growing insurance company in Ireland, extending their business beyond these shores to operate in the United Kingdom.

Products are sold over the phone from their specialist call centres in Ireland and the UK, while cover is also available online from their excellent website at www.quinn-direct.com. Let's take a closer look at what they offer on their website.

The full range of products is available online from Quinn's website, including Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Van Insurance, Quinn Healthcare and Business Insurance. They run special offers on the website from time to time, and right now you can get a 5% discount on your Motor Insurance premium if you sign up online.

Quinn are probably best known for their Health Insurance, and they offer a product that's hard to beat, especially since the rise in premiums from VHI. Their most basic package "Quinn Essential Starter" offers protection from a low 1.18 Euro per day, and it offers all the protection you'll probably need. Check it out today!

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