Do you need a public liability insurance policy?

As one of the most confusing types of insurance out there, many people who should have a public liability insurance policy for their jobs often don't realise that they need it until it's too late. We're going to take a look at what it is, and why it might just pay for you to take out a policy, rather than running the risk of being caught without.

We'll start by taking a look at why exactly you might need a public liability insurance policy. If you work in a trade or occupation that sees you working in public areas, then there's always the chance that something going wrong with a job could end up causing injury to a member of the general public, or to an employee.

Before you think "oh that won't happen to me", it's something that happens regularly, but only those who have a solid public liability insurance policy often escape financially unscathed.

A public liability insurance policy will protect you from the financial fallout should an action you carry out while working damage public property or cause injury to another person. Something as innocent as accidentally leaving an item lying around could result in a claim for medical expenses against you, and in this economic climate that's the last thing that any of us want.

Given the fact that public liability insurance still isn't compulsory in the United Kingdom, it's up to you or your employer if you take a policy out or not. The kinds of premiums you'll be looking at very much depend on the kind of work you will be doing and, ultimately, the risk of danger.

There are plenty of excellent companies out there who offer great rates for a public liability insurance policy. With the financial sector finally starting to get back on its feet, the level of competition is starting to increase, so shopping around will likely yield the best deal for your needs. In order to get the ball rolling, we recommend taking a look at axa.co.uk, given their experience in the field of insurance coverage of this type.

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