Petplan pet insurance for your cat, dog, rabbit, horse or exotic pet

Petplan has offered pet insurance since 1976. With a history of providing financial help to pet owners by paying for treatment for sick and injured pets, they bring their expertise of the market to ensure the best for their customers and pets. You can insure rabbits, cats, dogs, horses and exotic pets with Petplan.

Allianz Insurance PLC, one of the world’s largest insurers, underwrites all policies. If you take out a policy online, you can get a 10% discount.

Petplan also helps improve animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. By donating when you buy a policy you help to support a worthy cause.

If you have a litter of kittens or puppies, then you can get insurance to cover them. As a breeder, you can adopt the Petplan Breeder Charter that assures new pet owners that you have given their new pet the best start in life.

Once you get your pet dog or cat home, you can choose one of three policies, each with different policy benefits. The Essential Policy covers 12 months of vet fees up to £3,000, £1 million third party liability for dogs, £1,000 boarding fees and help with advertising and reward for lost pets. The two other policies are Covered for Life policies that offer comprehensive cover. The Ultimate Covered for Life policy will pay up to £12,000 in vet fees per annum, pay £2,000 for death from illness or injury. You can get discounts for multiple policies. Petplan also provides support for owners with a pet bereavement.

Rabbit insurance benefits include up to £2,000 in vet fees, £250 for advertising and reward for lost pets and £250 boarding fees. You can apply online for equine insurance.

You can also insure your horse. If you insure before your horse is 20 years old and renew each year, the cover will continue for any illness of your horse until it reaches 25 years old. They also do a Veteran Plan for horses over 17 years old.

Insurance for exotic pets and birds, including cockatoos and parrots, lizards and snakes, and small mammals is available from ExoticDirect, a partner of Petplan. You can insure a budgerigar for £6 a month or your python from as little as £4 a month.

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