What Does Pet Travel Insurance Include?

If you consider your furry companions as members of the family, you should seriously consider investing in pet travel insurance the next time you go on a holiday with them.

E&L Insurance at EandL.co.uk

You can choose between single-trip or multi-trip coverage. If you plan on taking a trip with your pet more than once a year, you will enjoy greater savings with the multi-trip option. For vet fees, for example, E&L asks you to pay 2,500 GBP for single-trip coverage and 2,250 GBP for multi-trip coverage.

You get 5% discount if you apply online. Other discounts may also apply, but you can only apply for a maximum of 20% discount. To be eligible for this policy, you have to be a valid resident of the UK and of legal age. Your pet must not be a part of the company’s excluded breed list either.


If you would like to have more insurance companies to choose from, head over to the Insure Your Pet website and you will be immediately greeted with a table comparing the different rates of travel insurance for pets.

Some of the companies that the website has information available include John Lewis, Pet Plan, More Than Pet Insurance, Pet Protect Dogs, Sainsbury’s Dog Insurance and Exotic Direct.

This is a good website to visit as well if you are having a hard time obtaining travel insurance for your exotic pet. As for an example of how much you will pay for pet travel insurance, AFI or Animal Friends Insurance will charge you £49 for excess, and for cats over 8 years old, you will have to pay £49 plus 35%.

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