Consider taking your pet insurance from Tesco

Taking out pet insurance from Tesco could not be simpler. You can do it online with an instant quote. You can even receive a discount of 25% if you are a Clubcard holder. If you do not have a Clubcard, you would still receive a 20% discount. Discounts will also be offered when purchasing pet insurance over the phone.

Tesco has two types of cover; standard and extra cover. You will be paid £2,500 on the standard cover or £4,000 on an extra cover policy for each permitted condition, and you can also claim for alternative medicine available for your pet. Time limits are set on how long you can claim for and whether or not you can claim again for the same illness.

You will have to pay an excess when claiming, and Tesco automatically set the excess to £50 for a cat and £60 for a dog, but you can change this during the quotation process.

When getting a quote for pet insurance you have the chance to add on any extras like cover for your dog or cat getting lost or travel cover for them. Having pet insurance with Tesco gives you the use of a 24-hour call service to a veterinary nurse, to raise any concerns or seek advice about your pet. Tesco will also take on dogs that already have medical ailments. However, there are certain breeds that will not get insurance, such as Pit Bull Terrier breeds.

You can pay for your pet insurance using a variety of methods, including using your Clubcard vouchers.

The pet insurance and service Tesco provides has won Best Pet Insurance Provider 2011, so if your current pet insurance is up for renewal or cover is needed for a new pet, then check out Tesco pet insurance.

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