Where to look for pet insurance that covers teeth cleaning

Your furry friend’s teeth just like yours need care and attention. They have to be cleaned to keep them healthy and strong. If you’re looking for a pet insurance for teeth cleaning, there are some important things you must be aware of to ensure your pets get adequate coverage and protection.


  • Not all insurance companies that offer pet insurance cover teeth cleaning

Make sure the insurance company you’re dealing with offers teeth cleaning as a reimbursible cost. Most insurance will offer standard pet insurance for accidents, injuries, and travel, but not dental care.

  • Read the fine print carefully

If your pet insurance covers teeth cleaning, read the fine print carefully. There are pre-requisites that must be met with companies insisting that a pet has to be checked during a pre-defined period before the onset of problems. Other possible sticking points include non-coverage of certain problems such as gingivitis which involves the presence of deciduous teeth from the time your pet was a puppy.

  • Get extra coverage

Teeth cleaning can be a part of routine care coverage, but you probably will pay extra to have that option. Other routine services that can be included are flea and tick removal, vaccinations, physiotherapy, acupuncture, prescription drugs and wellness check-up.

  • Shop for the best prices

A comprehensive coverage costs extra money. Hence, shop around for the best pet insurance offers. In the UK, there are many providers that you can look at, as follows:

Halifax, Liverpool Victoria Insurance, Llyods TSB Insurance, Post Office Insurance, AA Pet Insurance, Alphapet Pet Insurance, Animal Friends, Aviva, AXA Insurance, Blackfriars, Pet Guard, Healthy Pets, Churchill, and Directline.

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, Tesco, and ASDA have their own pet insurance products as well as retail stores like Argos, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.

  • Consider plans that allow you to have treatment in a lot of places

Look for plans that allow you to have your pets taken anywhere during emergencies or after business hours especially if you're travelling with them often.

A cheaper alternative

If your pal doe not really need pet insurance to cover teeth cleaning, getting a dental toothbrush set is still a cheaper option so you can prevent teeth problems. Brushing their teeth daily as well as introducing dry food and bones will contribute to healthy teeth and less expenses on your part.

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