Looking for pet insurance for your Shar Pei dog?

Like many dog lovers, if you’re the proud owner of a Shar Pei, you might be looking for pet insurance for your beloved pooch.

Some insurers do not include this unique breed in their cover, claiming that the dogs can be prone to chronic skin conditions.

But don’t worry - Petplan dog insurance provides cover for these cute, wrinkly dogs.

One of the range of policies offered by the specialist insurer is a lifetime policy option called Covered for Life.

Covered for Life policies are designed for pet owners who are concerned that their dog might develop a long-term illness, such as arthritis, diabetes or eczema.

The Supreme plan provides up to £12,000 of vet fees cover per year, along with complementary treatments including acupuncture and homeopathy.

Policy holders will also receive up to £1,000 towards advertising and reward expenses if their dog becomes lost or is stolen. In addition, the insurance plan offers up to £3 million of third party liability cover.

As well as offering many benefits, all insurance policies have exclusions and terms and conditions, so it’s always worth reading these carefully to make sure you have chosen the right level of cover.

Petplan terms the Shar Pei as a 'select breed', along with others including the Bernese Mountain Dog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Great Dane and St Bernard.

Owners who want to buy pet insurance for their Shar Pei must submit a full clinical history from the vet before Petplan will be able to insure them.

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