Guide to buying John Lewis pet insurance for your dog

Our dogs are members of the family and just like any other loved ones, we want to make sure they are well looked after. This includes getting medical treatment for them if they are sick or injured.

Pet insurance is a great way to provide this care, as the policy will cover the cost of vet's bills, so your furry friend will be given the attention he or she needs - and your wallet might just be glad not to be dented by an unexpected medical bill!

John Lewis Pet Insurance offers policies for dogs from the age of eight weeks old. There are various options you can choose depending on how much you want to pay.

The insurer can provide cover from £2,000 to £10,000 a year and, wherever possible, they will pay the vet's bills directly so you don't have to pay upfront and claim the money back.

There is also provision for legal liability - which takes care of any accidents caused by your canine. This can be up to £2 million depending on the policy you pick.

Extras are also available, including cover for the cost of diet foods, physiotherapy or hydrotherapy for the dog, plus some dental treatment if needed.

And if your faithful friend goes missing or is stolen, John Lewis Pet Insurance can cover you for the cost of your companion, along with up to £1,000 for advertising and up to £1,000 for reward money.

Another optional extra is paying for emergency kennels if the owner has to go into hospital.

Bear in mind that each policy is different, according to your own dog and financial requirements. In general, the majority of policies do not cover routine check-ups and pre-existing medical conditions, so always check the terms.


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