Pet insurance is insurance cover for your four legged friends

Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits... there's no doubt that we are a nation of pet lovers. A recent Pet Census conducted by insurer Petplan revealed that 65 per cent of people polled feel their pets are more reliable than their partners!

Meanwhile, more than half of the 10,000-plus people surveyed let their furry pals sleep on the bed and a third keep a photo of their four-legged pal in their wallet or purse.

On a more serious note, almost a quarter of owners took compassionate leave when they lost their pet.

It's clear to see that pets are regarded by most as part of the family - so it's important to make sure you have the correct pet insurance. Insurance is seen as an everyday essential for humans, after all, so why not animals too?

Taking out an insurance policy for your pet means any treatments or vaccinations they need will be covered - and you don't have to worry about unexpected or expensive bills from the vet.

Many major insurers offer pet insurance, but the cover tends to vary from policy to policy, so it's worth taking some time to find out what is available.

Most policies cover vet fees, boarding fees, death benefit, holiday cancellation, pet theft, along with advertising your lost animal plus a reward, third party liability and accidental damage.

Always check the terms and conditions of an insurance policy because some incidents will not be covered and it's better to know in advance than to be caught out after the event. For instance, spaying and castration costs are not usually covered.

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