Pet insurance for your pet and how to compare

For many people the idea of buying pet insurance and having to compare policies is a new experience, which they may not understand. Pet insurance works much the same way as a health insurance policy for people. You may want to compare several varieties of pet insurance policies because they may vary significantly. Learn more about how the age and type of pet you have may also influence your decisions when choosing pet insurance as well as premiums and deductibles.

Buying and comparing pet insurance

One of the main advantages to pet insurance is to compare and save money in the end with small premium payments. You may save money by insuring certain breeds known to have more health problems requiring more vet trips.

Consider researching several pet insurance companies to find one that covers the species, age and health needs of your pet as well as your financial situation. Be aware that some insurers may not cover certain breeds or even older dogs for example, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

How does pet insurance work?

Most pet insurance companies cover dogs and cats. Some companies expand their coverage to include birds, pigs, horses, hamsters, snakes, rabbits, ferrets and goats for example.

Each veterinary service and insurance company has different requirements. Typically, you pay monthly premiums for a policy to the insurance company. Customers may be responsible for paying an out of pocket deductible upon services rendered. Then the insurance would cover the rest.

In the case of routine care, you pay the vet in full and are reimbursed by the insurance company later. If you have emergency cover for your pet, you may pay a deductible up front to receive emergency care.

Pet insurance choices

Many insurance companies offer you the choice of a full coverage package or you can choose individual care cover. These are important pet insurance options and you need to compare them to see which method works best for you.

Some package options may include routine health care, illness cover, pre-existing conditions, puppy vaccinations, hospitalisation and accidents.

Comparing pet insurance policies

After researching several companies for pet insurance, compare policies against each other. Some companies require monthly premiums while others are paid quarterly. Choosing a policy where you select individual coverage types may save more money than a comprehensive package, which may not be needed.

Avoid choosing any pet insurance policy until you have discussed the insurance coverage with your veterinarian. Some vets may not accept coverage from some specific insurance companies.

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