Pet Insurance

Elderly people get them for company and to have someone to love and take care of. They share our lives and our beds: the cat curled up at our feet and the dog wedged between “mum and dad”.

Just like our children, our pets can get ill, have accidents, and require regular visits to the doctor. Approximately one out of three pets require emergency veterinary service every year. Often these procedures can be so expensive that some people without the means to pay have a hard decision to make.

If you purchase pet insurance before the kitten or puppy turns two years old, you can have all the same type of benefits of insurance for yourself and your children. There are different covers with different benefits. You can get the smallest plans that cover the basics like your pet’s annual visits to the veterinarian or plans that cover everything from emergency surgeries and stays in hospital, to labs tests, x-rays, cancer treatments, and skin problems. Most plans work much the same as private health insurance packages. You may have a deductible to meet, after which you pay only 20% of the actual cost. You can use any veterinarian you want to, and there are no yearly limits or age restrictions.

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