Pet health insurance by Argos

Pet health insurance is sold by many companies, even those you would not think would sell it, like big High Street chains like Debenhams and Argos.

Figures collected by Argos highlighted that the average vet bill could set you back £1,000 if your pet was involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Argos will provide health insurance for both cats and dogs. There are three levels of insurance for both cats and dogs: silver, gold and platinum.

Under the Silver cover policy, you are unable to claim for accidental damage to your pet.  However, up to £500 would be paid under the other two higher policy levels. This applies to both cat and dog insurance. Silver and Gold cover is for 12 months. The limit on vet fees is £2,500 under the Silver policy and £4,000 under the Gold policy. The Platinum policy provides cover for the lifetime of your pet with an illness. The policy will pay your vet fees up to £7,000.

For any policy to pay out, you must renew your agreement each year and continue making your payments. The excess for cat and dog cover at all cover levels is £65 per ailment, but with Platinum cover, the excess applies per year.

Benefits included in all cover levels include holiday cancellation cover, kennel fees and money for loss of your pet.  There are a few things that your policy will not cover, like any condition that arises within the first 10 days of you taking the policy, dental cover unless caused by an accident, and pre-existing medical conditions.

Your pet must be at least eight weeks old to get cover, with no upper age limit to them being accepted. Argos will give you 10% discount if you insure more than one pet with them.

With pet health insurance starting from as little as £3.95 for cats, and £7.31 for dogs, it really is as simple as “Find it, Get it, Argos it.”

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