Considerations for over 60 life insurance

There is something about turning 60 years of age that makes people want to get their affairs in order. It is a time in life where you want things organised and well-planned for the future. Consequently, a lot of people who never bought life insurance before, now consider it a priority. Over 60 life insurance policies help seniors to cover large expenses and pay for their funeral costs. Learn about life insurance policies and things to consider.

Life insurance considerations

Types of insurance

Most people over 60 years old purchase whole life insurance. The benefits of whole life insurance include guaranteed death benefits, set premium amounts with guaranteed cash values. Some people may prefer universal life insurance, which includes non-guaranteed cash amounts, flexible death benefits in addition to flexible premium payments.


There are several advantages to taking out over 60 life insurance. To protect loved ones in the event of your passing, a life insurance policy could pay off any mortgage balance and take the burden off those left behind. Often life insurance policies are used on special reverse mortgages to insure the mortgage. Upon your death a life insurance policy repays the loan amount.

Death benefits paid out on life insurance policies are usually used to pay for burial costs when you pass on. This offers people a bit of flexibility by not having to account for burial costs from their savings or putting surviving spouses in a bind financially. While thinking about purchasing life insurance, it might be a good idea to research the costs of burials. Compare current prices for traditional funerals and cremation. These figures can help you plan how much money may be needed for the future.

Planning for the future

Even if you are older, you can still buy life insurance and it will make you and your loved ones feel more secure. Although over 60 life insurance does cost more, so it is a better solution to buy earlier rather than later. Take a look at your finances and figure out just how much money would be needed to pay off your mortgage, burial expenses and any other large financial amounts. Assuring your family will be well taken care of in the future is often a great relief.

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