You'll never howl about the vet's fees with NFU pet insurance

Anyone who owns a pet will know what a big part of the family they become. When our dogs and cats get sick we have to rush off to the vets without a second thought. Unfortunately, a few trips to the vets every year can end up costing a considerable amount. The only way to protect you against these bills is by purchasing pet insurance.

There are many insurance brokers who offer quality pet insurance. NFU pet insurance is one of the best pet insurance policies on the market. They offer individual policies for dogs, cats and horses, and if you're the owner of any of these pets, it's highly recommended that you look into purchasing one of these policies.

NFU's dog and cat insurance covers you against all the risks you face when you're a pet owner. It provides cover against losing your pet and all vets' fees for a period of 12 months. This includes accidents, illness and disease, although anything that emerges in the first 14 days of cover will be excluded.

Any alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, that are recommended by your vet will also be covered. And if your pet needs to be professionally rescued, NFU will cover the cost of this up to £750.

Check out the NFU website for full information on pet insurance and prices. It's the only way to properly protect our furry friends.

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