NFU Mutual Dog Insurance

NFU mutual dog insurance insures dogs against accidents, emergency vet fees or any other costs covered by the policy which, in turn, protect the owner financially. Vet fees can be expensive and most owners don't think they require any insurance but when their dog does require treatment of any kind they'll probably be shocked by the price. The price of healing a dog's broken leg, for example, could cost well over £300 in some cases. To avoid paying out large amounts of cash for your dog when you least expect it, you should consider applying for a quote from NFU mutual dog insurance.

There isn't a fixed priced for NFU mutual's dog insurance cover. You'll need to apply for a quote online and fill in all your details, or details of your pet, before being offered a monthly price. The general benefits and policies of the insurance normally won't change.

Lost Pet - NFU dog insurance covers the loss of your pet up to 12 months, including any costs associated with retrieving your dog. The specifics of this benefit may differ depending on the quote you receive and the actual policy you're offered.

Vet Fees - Most vet fees are paid for under the NFU dog insurance policy but this may not include jabs for puppies. You'll have to check your policy offer for this area, but other vet fees, such as check-ups or medication, are covered.

Emergency Cover - Should your dog require an emergency vet call-out of any kind you'll be covered under the NFU dog insurance policy. This also includes other fees associated with the emergency, such as future treatment, medication and operations.

Alternative Treatment - If you vet recommends any form of emergency treatment, such as homoeopathy or therapy, you'll be covered under the NFU dog insurance policy. Your vet must recommend the treatment for medical reasons or the alternative treatment won't be covered.

Accident Cover - If a dog is injured in an accident and requires an operation or medication, NFU dog insurance will cover the cost of the treatment and any other vet costs associated with the dog's recovery.

Professional Rescue - Should your dog need to be rescued for any reason, such as becoming stuck and requiring a vet call-out or another company, NFU dog insurance will cover the cost.

Defaqto 5-Star Rating - NFU Mutual dog insurance is rated five stars by the independent financial research authority Defaqto for its excellent service and value for money, so you're sure to get a great deal and save on vet fees.

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