Keep your pet safe with Natwest pet insurance

Your pet is part of your family, and as anyone who has seen their animal get sick, you'll know how heartbreaking it can be. You'll obviously do whatever you can to keep your pet healthy, but the vet bills can be outrageous.

The one way you can help to avoid this is by keeping your pet protected with a Pet Insurance policy. In the United Kingdom, there are plenty of companies offering pet insurance, but for us, you're in safe hands with Natwest Pet Insurance.

Natwest have been specialising in Pet Insurance for years, and for that reason, they are vastly experienced in dealing with any misfortune which could potentially befall your pet. Natwest will cover any potential Vet's bills in the event your pet is ill or needs an operation.

They offer varying levels of treatment for your pet. There is a basic policy that will just cover Vet Treatment. There is also a much more comprehensive policy that will cover any damage caused by your pet (furniture chewed by the new puppy or damage to fences by horses, for example) as well as kennel or cattery costs should you be taken into hospital.

This comprehensive policy will also cover costs incurred by advertising a missing pet, so if you have a Cat that enjoys wandering, this could be the policy for you. It's worth bearing in mind though, your pet will not be covered for routine appointments like nail clipping or neutering, as these are considered optional appointments.



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