National Farmers Union Travel Insurance

Travelling broadens the mind but it also comes with inherent risks that travellers need to protect and insure against. National Farmers Union travel insurance offers a flexible travel insurance option that can be tailored to suit all types of travellers from hardcore backpackers to those that enjoy a few short trips to a hot location every year.

Where Will You Go?

Travel insurance is the only way to cover yourself against things like accidental loss of property, serious injury or damage to your property while abroad. National Farmers Union travel insurance comes in many shapes and forms and for those of you that already have a home insurance premium with National Farmers Union you can avail of an annual travel policy that covers you for regular trips.

There are also single trip policies and multi trip policies available if an annual policy seems excessive for the amount of travelling you do. Single trip policies start from the date you fly out and end the date you arrive home while multi-trip policies cover more than on trip on specified travel dates.

Some of the most notable items on a National Farmers Union travel insurance policy include delayed departure cover, loss of cash or credit card and medical expense cover. Delayed departure cover is available up to the value of £250 on all delayed flights during your cover period. Lost cash or credit card cover as well as important documents like your flight tickets and passport is included up to £1,000.

Medical expenses are perhaps the single most important item on any travel insurance policy and with National Farmers Union emergency medical treatment is available at up to £5,000,000 for a traveller.

Get Your Quote

If you are looking for a National Farmers Union travel insurance quote then visit www.nfumutual.co.uk and go to the travel insurance section of the site. Click on get a quote and then input your details and postcode and you will receive a callback from your local branch within 24 hours with a quote to suit your travel style.

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