National Farmers Union Pet and Horse Insurance

Pets and horses often have a very important plce in their owners hearts and you can insure against injury or illness by getting some National Farmers Union pet and horse insurance. With an insurance policy you can make sure that any large amount of investment you have in your animal is protected.

Get Your Animal Covered

Horse insurance policies can be tailored to better reflect the worth of your horse and each policy includes certain things as standard like vet fees, personal liability cover and straying, theft and death cover. Vet fees are paid up to £5,000 per visit while the personal liability cover can be payable between £2.5 million and £10 million. The straying, theft and death cover insures you against your horse going missing or dying between the ages of 30 days right up to 15 years.

You can insure your cat or dog with National Farmers Union to cover you in the event of something happening to your pet. Cat insurance policies include vet fees and alternative care options for your cat as well as cover for any costs you incur in the case of a rescue. Dog insurance policies are similar in nature to cat policies and you can also add in cover for the loss or death of your dog.

National Farmers Union pet and horse insurance is a must if you are a pet lover or a horse owner. Having an insurance policy in place often gives owners the peace of mind they need when having pedigree pets orthoroughbred horses.

Get A Quick Quote

Getting a quote on National Farmers Union pet and horse insurance could not be easier. It won't take you long to fill in the quote request form at www.nfumutual.co.uk and that request will be directed to your nearest branch. You can then expect a callback within 24 hours and you will get a competitive quote on the line.

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