National Farmers Union Home Insurance

National Farmers Union home insurance provides a home owner with essential peace of mind about their belongings in a house as well as the property itself. National Farmers Union home insurance has won many awards and are among the market leaders when it comes to products that help you keep your home a home.

Great Home Insurance

Defaqto, an independent financial research company, has consistently rated National Farmers Union home insurance as a 5 star product and there are not many of those available in the UK market. If you take out a National Farmers Union home insurance policy then you are doing so safe in the knowledge that you are about as protected as you can be.

Contents insurance includes valuables cover to protect important items in your house such as laptops, jewellery, electronics and furniture. National Farmers Union will even increase your contents valuation figure by at least £5,000 for the month leading up to and the month after special days such as a wedding or birthday. If at any time your house is deemed unfit to live in then the home insurance policy will cover up to 25% of your insured contents for accommodation costs.

A buildings insurance policy insures you against break in and damage to your house. In the case of losing your house keys or having them stolen, National Farmers Union buildings insurance will cover you up to the sum of £1,000 to get your locks repaired or replaced. There is also a sewer blockage cover that will pay out up to £1,000 if the pipe from the main sewer coming to your home ever becomes blocked or damaged.

Compare Your Quote against Other Insurers

Before getting a quote you can compare National Farmers Union home insurance to other insurers at www.nfumutual.co.uk. You can easily see what National Farmers Union home insurance offers in comparison to other big insurers such as Zurich, Aviva, Axa and Allianz on the National Farmers Union website. If you like what you see, it is easy to get in touch with National Farmers Union to get an insurance quote for your home.

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