National Farmers Union Car and Van Insurance

The original sentiment of the National Farmers Union was to provide affordable insurance to its clients and these days it is no different. National Farmers Union have been insuring people from outside the farming community ever since 1998. National Farmers Union car and van insurance quotes are among the most competitive in the UK.

Insuring Your Car or Van

The National Farmers Union car and van insurance quotes on offer are quite reasonable and a visit to www.nfumutual.co.uk will allow you to get a personal quote for your car or van in double quick time. National Farmers Union have won a number of awards in the car insurance sector for their no frills insurance packages which include things that other insurers class as extras.

The standard car insurance policy with National Farmers Union includes a free courtesy car for up to 14 days if your car is undergoing repair, no administration charges for amending your motor policy and one of the best no claims bonus discounts in the market. With just 1 year no claims bonus under your belt you will be able to avail of a 30% discount on your premium, a 3 years no claims bonus will earn you a 50% discount and 7 years will get you a 67% discount.

For van owners, you can get information on van insurance in the Light Goods Vehicle section of the website. As standard, van insurance will include cover of up to £500 for any stolen tools or equipment from your locked van, a free courtesy van for up to 14 days while your van is being serviced or repaired and a free replacement for vans less than a year old that are damaged beyond repair or stolen.

Get in Touch

With over 300 branches in the UK, getting a quote with National Farmers Union for car and van insurance couldn't be simpler. Just fill in your details on the website and they will direct your enquiry to your local branch. The branch will contact you personally within 24 hours and give you a highly competitive quote.

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