Consider multi pet insurance if you have more than one pet at home

Similar to multi car policies you can now insure more than one pet in your household on a multi pet insurance policy. You may save by taking out a single policy covering all of your pets, or it may still be cheaper to have multiple policies as long as you take them from the same insurer.

Pet-insurance.co.uk offers two policies with a 25% online discount. Standard cover has premiums for those on a small budget and gives protection to your pets for a short period after an illness or injury. Ongoing cover is ideal if you feel concerned about your cat or dog developing a chronic or recurring illness. Once insured under a lifetime policy, your pet remains insured for as long as the policy is renewed, and premiums are paid.

Other insurers will give you a discount if you take out more than one policy, with each separate policy covering an individual pet. This may work out better for you depending on the level of cover you want to take. There are also incentives for taking out policies online. Therefore, with Direct Line's Essential policy, you can cover up to £4,000 of your pet's vet fees per condition. Direct Line offers an online discount of annual cover for the price of nine months and for each policy, you will get a 15% discount on the premiums.

Sainbury's Finance Option 2 pet insurance will pay out up to £7,500 per condition, and you can get a25% discount if you hold a Nectar card and get a 5% discount on additional pet insurance plans you take out with them. More Than offer among the best deals with a 20% online discount and a 20% discount on additional pet policies.

Insuring more than one pet might be expensive, but it does offer peace of mind. It pays to compare policies and discounts to work out, which is the best option for you and your pets. Remember to look at the entire cost of either having a single multi pet insurance policy or taking out more than one pet insurance policy from the same insurer.

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