Finding the best motorhome insurance costs

Motorhome insurance is essential for anyone who owns a motorhome. Motorhome insurance costs can typically vary depending on the provider and the type of insurance you need, but you can make the most of your money by comparing available quotes and looking for specific insurers. Although you can often find some products (such as your bank or home insurer) may include motorhome insurance, you'll have to check whether the insurance would suit your needs - cheaper insurance doesn't necessarily result in better cover.

Club Care Insurance

Club Care insurance is one the largest providers of caravan insurance in the UK. Their policies are competitive and are a good place to start, particularly because they specifically cater to people who own motorhomes. Motorhome insurance costs from Club Care include a range of benefits, from accidental damage up to £5,000 pound to cover across Europe, which means they offer cover for a true motorhome owner.

Whereas some providers will offer insurance for static caravans (usually home insurance providers or holiday insurance providers), Club Care means that you can travel throughout Europe knowing you're covered wherever you go. Optional legal extras and extending cover to further parts of Europe will change the motorhome insurance costs, but for the most comprehensive, specific cover for motorhome users who like to travel, Club Care is the provider to go for.

Caravan Parks and Clubs

If you don't usually travel in your motorhome and tend to stick to specific caravan parks or clubs, you should consider asking your own caravan park if they have insurance. This will typically be cheaper than Club Care insurance as you won't have to pay for inclusive costs such as cover across Europe, and prices can be quite competitive.

Road insurance

It's important to note that you need to insure you motorhome for driving. If your home weighs more than 7.5 tonnes, you will need to have a special license and insurance to drive your motorhome. However, this is usually similar to car insurance; you may not be covered for things like theft and, if your insure policy is a generic car insurance you may not be covered for the cost of expensive repairs to your motorhome.

Tips for Cheap Motorhome Insurance

As usual, reducing motorhome insurance costs come from shopping around for policy that cater to your needs. Sometimes opting for an all-inclusive package isn't cost effective, so it's worth considering a variety of providers and policies. Insurance comparison sites can also help you find the cheapest quotes, but it's always worth talking directly to adivsors before making a deicion based off online quotes.

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