Guide to buying motorcycle insurance for learners

So you finally have your temporary permit for driving a motorcycle. But, before you can ride around on your two-wheeler, you must have motorcycle insurance for learners. It is obligatory and mandatory by law for if anything happens you have coverage for physical and legal damages. However, motorcycle insurance for learners is usually more expensive than standard insurance.

What to do

The main reason why motorcycle insurance for learners costs more than a standard insurance is because the driver has not enough experience. Insurance companies believe inexperienced drivers are likely to be involved in an accident compared to those who have plenty of experience to back them up. Thus, when choosing your insurance company bear in mind the following factors:

  • Type of vehicles

The size of your bike's engine plays a role in the amount of premiums you are going to pay. Check with the company which ones carry low premiums.

  • No modification allowed

Insurance companies are definitely not going to insure you for a reasonable premium if you are going to modify your ride. You might want to change your tyres, add a turbo booster or any other thing that you fancy. But as this poses a risk to driving, insurance companies are not going to offer an insurance plan for you.

Shopping for insurance

Below are some insurance companies that offer reasonable motorcycle insurance schemes for learners:

  • Hastings Direct (hastingsdirect.com)

An insurance price comparison site, Hastings will provide a list of insurance companies at different price levels.

  • RAC

Another motorbike insurance comparison site is RAC. The company also gives extra discounts for advanced training as well as secure garaging and installation of security systems. Travel to EU and European countries is covered.

  • Bennetts

Bennetts has a lot of experience in the motorbike insurance industry having been established since 1930. That means over 70 years of experience in the industry and it continues to grow covering at least over 170,000 bikers in the UK.

Additional tips

Motorcycle insurance for learners is often high because of the experience factor. Hence, to lower premiums for young riders, you might want to do several things: maintain a good driving record and consider a smaller engine. Register for further training such as the DSA Certificate of Competence, keep your bike in a garage and install security systems.

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