How to get the best deal on motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance is essential (and a legal requirement) for all those who ride a motorcycle, or own a motorcycle that is stored on public property. However, prices and inclusions can vary dramatically between one motorcycle insurer and another. Read on for some tips on how to get the best deal on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance provides insurance for your bike and, in most cases, your riding gear. Like car insurance, a standard motorcycle insurance policy includes bodily injury liability, under insured road users, collision and comprehensive coverage.

Riding gear includes helmets (including visor and radio communications), gloves, leather jackets and pants, boots and other specific gear.

Most insurers offer flexible packages so to get the best deal it is important to choose the cover that best suits your particular needs and financial requirements.

Basic market knowledge

Getting the best deal on policies often involves having some basic knowledge on the motorcycle insurance market. It helps to have a good idea of what is on offer in the market. It is useful to at least know the premiums other insurers are charging and the deals currently available. This can help you to negotiate a better deal with insurers - both in terms of price and policy inclusions.

Compare premiums

Like most insurance products motorcycle insurance premiums can vary considerably among insurers. As a result it usually pays to shop around and compare premiums. Get quotes from at least three separate insurance companies and compare what they have to offer before you make a purchase.


Many insurers offer discounts for policyholders with multiple policies. If you already have a different insurance policy with a company (for example home or car insurance), then consider taking out a motorcycle insurance policy with them. It can be worth asking for a discount on the premium you are quoted.

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