Motability Car Insurance

As a car insurance customer you always have the power to drive your premium down by shopping around and playing insurers against each other. Traditionally, disabled drivers did not have that power and would have had to pay a lot more than the majority of drivers for insurance. Thanks to Motability insurance, a govenment scheme set up to help disabled motorists get on the road for a reasonable amount, this is no longer the case.

Motability Insurance Details

So who exactly can avail of the Motability Scheme? All those in receipt of either War Pensioners Mobility Supplement and those getting a Disability Living Allowance qualify for the scheme. You then have 2 options with the shceme when it comes to getting a car - buying or leasing. The vast majority of Motability customers currently lease their vehicle and part of each customer's disability allowance is used to lease their vehicle.

So what about Motability insurance? Each lease includes car insurance and personal accident cover through Motability's partnership with RSA Motability (RSAM). This car insurance policy is very comprehensive and drivers are covered for a variety of incidents. There is an excess fee of £75 but this may be higher for younger drivers under the age of 25. As standard, RSAM policies include protection against fire and theft, accidental damage and loss or damage to the vehicle.

In-car equipment is also covered but this excludes detachable items such as GPS equipment and mobile phones. Personal accident cover is provided in the case of death, loss of limbs or a loss of sight up to the value of £5000 per person. Drivers insured in a Motability vehicle through RSAM are not covered to drive other vehicles and the policies do not cover other drivers driving a Motability car.

No Claims Bonus

Importantly, RSAM does not deal woth No Claim Bonuses so there are no issues with higher premiums due to a recent accident. Some other minor things to remember with Motability insurance, policies do not include internal car damage or personal belongings such as mobile phones and even wheelchairs. If these are damaged or stolen the individual is responsible to replace them as RSAM is not liable. Visit www.motability.co.uk today for more information on Motability Insurance.

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