Money Supermarket - Pet Insurance to suit every budget

Money Supermarket is one of the UK's leading price comparison websites, alongside Compare the Market and Confused.com.

Money Supermarket Pet Insurance is a dedicated area of the website for pet insurance policies, which also includes guides, informative articles, and separate pages for specific pet insurance policies (i.e. pet insurance for horses or rabbits in particular).

The good thing about Money Supermarket is its ease of use and the amount of insurance providers you can find in one quick search. An insurance policy isn't taken out through Money Supermarket with another provider; instead, customers are given a link directly to the provider website for a more detailed quote and are not required to use Money Supermarket as the "middle man" of the insurance deal. There's no need to sign up to Money Supermarket or pay for the service.

Providers Affiliated with Money Supermarket Pet Insurance - Money Supermarket include some of the leading pet insurance providers in its search results but also includes smaller organisations, if they match specific search criteria. Some of the recommended pet insurance providers are listed as More Than, "Count On" Churchill, Pet-Insurance.co.uk and Sainsbury's Finance.

Insurance Plans - All insurance plans and policies on Money Supermarket Pet Insurance are from insurance providers, not Money Supermarket as a site. The actual coverage received varies on the provider and the customer's personal choice, but animals are mainly covered for vet bills, boarding fees, theft or straying or accidental damage. Other benefits are available, such as death benefit or advertising/reward for lost animals; however, the actual specifics of each insurance policy really depends on what the provider offers or charges and what the customer is ideally looking for.

Using Money Supermarket Pet Insurance - You can access the dedicated pet insurance homepage at: http://www.moneysupermarket.com/pet-insurance/. The webpage provides a break down of pet insurance cover, with dedicated search pages for different insurance types and a list of the best deals for specific animals. By clicking on the preferred type of insurance, the best policies (or recommended policies by Money Supermarket) will appear in a comparison table.

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