Find the best medical travel insurance offers

Everyone needs to purchase medical insurance when they travel abroad. It protects them from incurring expensive medical bills, which can be particularly high in certain countries. This article will take a look at some of the best offers for medical travel insurance, comparing different insurance periods, medical expenses and special offers.

The best medical travel insurance packages

One of the key points to remember when purchasing medical travel insurance is whether to use a single trip or an annual policy. For customers who plan to travel abroad three or more times a year, it is better to opt for an annual policy.

However, single trip insurance is much cheaper for people who require medical insurance for a particular holiday. Virtually all insurers provide worldwide medical cover, although it is important to note that not all companies offer comprehensive insurance for the USA.

Many insurers do provide generous medical expenses cover, with a variety of discounts and time periods. Barclays Travel Insurance and JustTravelCover.com, for example, both provide up to 365 days of comprehensive insurance, with medical cover worth up to £10,000,000. Columbus, meanwhile, offers a special 10 percent online discount for online orders and medical cover worth up to £15,000,000.

Virgin Money offers one of the longest medical insurance policies, with up to 548 days of unlimited medical cover, along with worldwide cover including the USA. Asda Money, meanwhile, rewards customers with a generous 20 percent discount if they purchase online, while Insurance Choice provides instant winter sports coverage in its main package.

Important factors to consider

Customers should always remember to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions before purchasing medical travel insurance; failure to do so can result in claims being rejected. People participating in winter and adventure sports during their holidays will normally need to purchase policies that are specifically tailored to these types of activities.

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