Private medical insurance FAQs

Medical advances have meant that more medical conditions are treatable. However, advanced diagnostic methods, procedures, technologies and drugs have led to a rise in the cost of medical treatment. Private medical insurance policies offer to cover the cost of tests, consultations and treatment in private hospitals using convenient insurance schemes. Read the most common medical insurance FAQs to better understand the cover.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of common medical insurance FAQs policy seekers ask when getting health cover.

Q. What is individual medical insurance?

Individual medical insurance is the cover bought by an individual rather than a member of a group. It is usually bought by self-employed individuals or people who are unemployed.

Q. What is group medical insurance?

Group insurance is the cover bought for individuals who are members of a group, such as employer medical cover plans bought for employees. The defining characteristic of this cover is that no one who is a member of the group can be excluded from coverage.

Q. What is standard medical insurance?

Standard medical insurance policies provide limited cover usually for home care, convalescence and daycare or in-patient treatment. This insurance cover does not provide extensive out-patient treatment.

Q. What is comprehensive medical insurance?

Comprehensive medical cover provides a full range of treatment covers as well as convalescent, maternity care and out patient treatment. It usually costs slightly higher than standard policies due to the wide range of covers provided.

Q. Do I need a medical examination to get medical insurance cover?

Many standard covers do not require a medical examination to get cover. However, for higher level comprehensive covers, a full medical examination may be required.

Q. Can I get treatment at any hospital in the UK?

Insurance companies will usually have a list of hospitals where you can choose to get treatment. The listed hospitals number hundreds and are located throughout the UK. Specialist hospitals are, however, generally not included in the extensive hospital lists.


National Health Service (NHS) hospitals deal with an ever growing problem of increased demand. Treatment queues are long and people wait for weeks to get their first out patient appointment in NHS hospitals. Getting answers to medical insurance FAQs can help you understand the benefits and convenience that medical insurance offers.

For example, private medical insurance eliminates queuing and assures you will get treatment as soon as you need it. The option to choose your preferred consultant offers peace of mind, knowing that you will get personalised medical care as quickly as possible if you ever need it.

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