LV Pet Insurance reviews and ratings

LV pet insurance offers some basic benefits at a reasonable price compared to other providers. However, LV pet insurance reviews haven't always been positive; although much of the service is rated for its quality and price, many customers believe "you get what you pay for"; that is, you pay for cheap insurance and you get cheap service. Even though reviews are essential to finding the right insurance for your pet you should always consider speaking to independent advisors or directly to the provider before making a decision.

Basic Benefits

LV pet insurance offers customers:

  • Up to £5,000 to cover vet fees.
  • Essential pet insurance for 12 months.
  • No charge for monthly payments as opposed to buying in bulk.
  • General cover, such as lost pet cover, rescue costs, emergency treatment and advertising costs to find pets.
  • UK based call centres and local branches in some towns.

However, despite offering a cheap rate and generally average cover, LV pet insurance reviews have rated the customer service of the company lower than average. Response time for complaints have been slower compared to other providers and some customers have even cited issues with placing a claim, either due to medical conditions of the pet or complications in the policy.

For most customers slow service is a big issue, especially if they are particularly concerned about the cost of covering emergency vet fees. However, LV pet insurance offers competitive prices across the market, with some of the cheapest policies available. Their plan includes all the basic cover you could need from pet insurance at a lower than average price; if your main concern is the cost of pet insurance then you should opt for LV insurance, but be aware of slower response time from representatives.

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