Life Insurance and Cryonic Preservation

Although many of us accept death as a natural part of the life cycle, a few are firmly dedicated to extending their lifespan; after spend years learning and progressing, some of us feel that to death is a waste of these experiences, or that they want to see more of the future and potential of the human race. That's where cryonics comes in.

Originally thought to be a treatment affordable for celebrities and billionaires, life insurance can cover cryonic preservation for anyone on an average income.

Cryonic Preservation Process, Potential and Problems

When a person is legally declared dead, a dispatch team from a cryonics company is sent out to collect the body and start the preversation process. The body is then packed with chemicals to reduce clotting and brain damage before injected with ice to cause freezing. Once safely in the cryonics centre, specialist replace blood with organ preservation solution and inject a solution to maintain blood vessels and prevent blood vessels from turning into ice crystals and expanding. The body is than stored under liquid nitrogen.

Pro-cryonics advocates state that, although someone is legally declared dead, proper oxygen levels can preserve brain function. Information-theoretical death defines death as the inability of the brain to store, retrieve and retain information - not the ceasation of body functions, which, some cryonics advocates argue, can be reversed as technology advances in the future. The freezing process of cryonics prevents cells degarding further, this prolonging and the body in suspended animation.

However, scientists aren't sure whether the chemicals used to prevent crystallisation actually works, or just kills cells eventually as there is no way to check bodies in statis. Although 150 people have been cryonically frozen to date, some scientists suggest that temperatures must be different for each organ, otherwise preserving and transporting organs would be much simpler.

Prices and Insurance

Cryonic freezing starts at around £17,200 - just for the head. For the full package, including having someone to prepare your body when you die, you could be looking at up to £100,000.

However, life insurance can pay cryonic preservation fees. In fact, many members of cryonics institutions plan to pay for their package with their life insurance policies, which will pay out anything between £60,000 to £150,000 in the case of cryonics. Although life insurance is becoming more frequent as a methods of payment, you should check with your provider that they provide cryonics cover, and ensure payment will be speedy so the process is smooth, quick and easy.

Life Insurance Providers

If you're looking for a life insurance provider with cryonic preservation payouts in their policy, you'll be happy to know that most insurers are now allowing certain policies or alterations to existing schemes in the case of cryonic prevention. Some of these providers include Prudental Insurance, Unusal Risks, Pru Protect and Zurich Life Insurance.

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