Popular types of legal expenses cover

Lawsuits, court costs and any type of litigation can be expensive. Most people are never prepared financially to cover the costs for legal action when it occurs. However, you can purchase legal expenses cover that provides insurance for policyholders in the event of legal costs brought by an institution or another individual.

Types of legal expenses cover

The two main types of legal expenses cover are BTE (before-the-event) and the second type known as ATE (after-the-event). Events are anything that could possibly trigger some type of legal action incurring costs to the policy holder.


Most policy holders will buy BTE cover, although both types of cover are common in the United Kingdom. People that prefer a safety net financially and do not want to leave things to chance, prepare for possible litigation costs by purchasing before-the event cover in advance of unknown events.

Legal costs covered under BTE normally include court fines and miscellaneous fees, expert witness and barrister fees and solicitor fees, in addition to the legal costs associated with the other side of a court case. Most people prefer to pay for this cover annually, but it can also be paid monthly. It is usually purchased as part of an auto insurance package or homeowners cover.


An ATE cover is often purchased after an accident or event that has already occurred where their was an injury. Policy holders are covered for disbursements in addition to legal costs if they end up losing their case. This form of insurance not only covers a policyholder's disbursement when they lose the case, but the opponent's expenses and legal costs as well.

Some solicitors that take on no win and no fee personal injury cases often require clients to purchase after-the-event cover to assure them of being paid regardless of the outcome of the case.

Get prepared

It is nice to know that people can purchase legal expenses cover to prepare for the surprises that life can throw at us. Many people end up purchasing before-the-event cover as additional insurance policy after they have taken the time to see the benefits. After-the-event cover comes in handy for covering legal costs after an unfortunate accident that most of us cannot pay for financially.

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