Find work through Insurance Times jobs

If you are looking for work, try Insurance Times jobs. It is a job portal which lists at least a thousand vacancies where you can try your luck. From desk to field jobs, you can find all sorts of occupations that will suit your credentials and experience when looking for work with the insurance industry.

Guide to using the site

Insurance Times jobs can be found at this web address: insurancetimejobs.co.uk. Once you are on the site, take time to look around, but it is rather straightforward to navigate:

  • Create a free account

A valid email address and password are needed to set up an account. Having an account has benefits so you can easily receive alerts, apply to jobs which interest you and manage your applications.

  • Create and upload your CV

One of the first things you should do before presenting yourself in the job market is to create a compelling resume. The CV should outline your strengths, capabilities and work experience in a particular industry. Include other relevant information such as trainings or internships completed and the like. Take advantage of the site's resources how to prepare a great CV and covering letter and how to deal with interviews. Once you have done this, complete your profile on the site and upload your CV.

  • Browse jobs by categories

From an account handler to an IT consultant, several job categories are on display to make the search easier. Use the ‘Search Jobs’ option to find specific job roles you are interested in. You can also browse through the 'Featured jobs section' where you can find attractive offers from diverse companies such as Blue Fin, Direct Line Group or Resource Solutions Groups. Pay rate can reach up to £140K + benefits for some of these positions.

  • Apply for a job

Do you see an exciting job`? Simply hit the ‘Apply’ button and then fill in the details such as name, email address and covering message. Attach your CV and tick off email alerts for future openings with the same job description.

Career advice

Insurance Times jobs primarily offer diverse and attractive listings in the insurance industry. You can also avail of useful tips from the site such as CV creation and career advice. Take advantage of these free resources today to find a career opportunity in the insurance industry sector. Even if you are not making a career switch, you can check out openings which might interest you in the future.

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