Making sense of insurance quotes

For many people - despite offering peace of mind - insurance is a huge pain. Pet insurance, life insurance, holiday insurance, home insurance, car insurance, dental insurance, health insurance... the list goes on. What's more, moving 30 yards down the street can result in insurance quotes double what you previously paid. So how do you navigate this tricky system?

Our first piece of advice is to take the time to find the right policy for you. If you wait until the day before your renewal date, you'll have to rush through insurance quotes and might end up shelling out more than you need.

Insurance comparison websites are a fantastic way of browsing what is available. You can use them for many types of insurance and they really can make you realise how much variation there is.

For example, on comparethemarket.com, fully comp car insurance can range from £620 to over £2,500 for exactly the same car, address, excess and circumstances. In fact the £620 offered by Admiral Insurance offers more extensive coverage than the quotes offered by companies charging four times that. This shows that using comparison websites for insurance quotes could save you a huge amount of money and get you more for that money.

Do bear in mind that some companies are unavailable on comparison websites, so it's worth doing some further research and manual comparisons.

Don’t be afraid of bartering on insurance quotes. Phone the insurers directly and see if they are willing to match or offer a better insurance deal than their competition.

Finally, if you know that your circumstances are going to change before getting insurance quotes (for example you are changing jobs, starting a family or moving homes), ask for a quote for your new circumstances too. Insurance quotes for these future circumstances can help to avoid any nasty surprises down the line.

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