Insurance quotes for apartment buildings

If you are the owner of a flat, it is highly recommended to get insurance quotes for apartment buildings so you have adequate cover in case unforeseen occurrences happen. Find out how you can get insurance quotes for apartment buildings whether you are a landlord, a manager or a flat owner.

Where to get insurance quotes

Insurance for apartment buildings is vital so you can have something to fall back on when something unexpected happens such as fire, theft or natural calamities. In addition, it is of utmost important that the contents of apartment buildings must be insured for the same reason.

An assessment of your assets must be carried out if you are to insure the total value of your structure and its contents. Professional valuation specialists will tell you how much your assets are worth and the corresponding insurance premium that you should take.

  • Who should take out insurance?

Anyone who is a landlord, property builder or developer or a manager for a block of flats should find insurance quotes for apartment buildings.

  • Types of buildings considered in this category

Blocks of apartment buildings including those converted into flats fall under this type ofinsurance. The building is not the only structure that should be insured. Insurance should cover the gardens, grounds, and other buildings outside. If you are managing a block of flats, insurance should also cover a 24-hour emergency cover for all tenants as well as fixtures and fittings.

  • Find an insurer

If you have already an insurance broker and are happy with the rep, contact the company for a quote. Look at Quote Rack ((quoterack.co.uk), Asset Sure (assetsure.com) and Money Supermarket (moneysupermarket.com) for an idea of how much it costs. Other companies include CIAL Landlords, City Landlord, Direct Line and DNA Insurance. Expect to pay from £100 to £250 to insure buildings and its contents from £50 to £300.

Other types of insurance

Apart from getting insurance quotes for apartment buildings, you might also be interested in other types of cover. As an owner of apartment buildings, you might consider landlords’ property insurance or you might look into a freehold flat insurance. Just make sure that you are adequately protected in case the unexpected happens.

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